What can WE do to HELP YOU?!
Therapies offered at B's Chiropractic:
​Massage Therapy- 
Soothing for muscles and helps relieve tension and soreness.
How massage can help you!
Chiropractic Treatment-Treatment for all types of pain!
Information on how Chiropractic can help?
Pefect stretching and stregthening to keep you moving in the right direction! 
Yoga and stretching benefits


  1. Spinal Manipulation
    Dr. Becca Taylor has been working in the tri-cities for the past 7 years and cares deeply about her patients. Dr. Becca knows that the best way to treat the body is to treat the body as a whole and is far from the typical chiropractor. She works hard to heal the all areas of the body and tries to find the root problem. Dr. Becca is an excellent adjuster, but also specializes in injuries to the rest of the body. From pain resulting from anything from tennis elbow, to pain while walking. We can help you feel better!
  2. Massage Therapy
    Our massage therapists are top notch! They have great techniques and very loyal happy patients. With years of experience and continued education, our massage therapists have become experts in healing. Ranging from deep tissue and sports massage, to visceral massages, our therapist can help! For patients that come for both chiropractic and massage therapy, therapists and our chiropractor are in constant communication in order to make your recovery as best possible.
  3. Kinesio Tape: Rock Tape
    When the tape is applied correctly, it achieves the last of these effects by lifting the skin to create a small space between the muscle and skin. That space takes the pressure off swelling, injured muscles, and allows smooth muscle movement and makes space for blood flow.
  4. Now offering yoga!!
    B's Chiropractic is now offering private yoga instruction and group classes weekly! These classes are specifically designed to stretch and strengthen areas of the back and body with the techniques specific to individual regions that you might need.
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Now offering CBD Creams!
For more information on our CBD creams, please visit the link below.
Our CBD cream information